Each condition is in addition to penalties from earlier in the same row.

I tried to avoid using absolutist terms and give options where I could (for example, in the fear row: Don’t attack the fear source —> -2 penalty against attacking fear source.)

Bonus Minor-Penalty Penalty Major-Penalty K/O
Strength (Brawn) * * * Halve movement speed. Helpless. Cannot stand. Cannot Carry items.
Dexterity (Agility) * * Halve movements speed. Stays in place. Cannot AoO. Paralyzed. Cannot act. Standing motionless.
Constitution (Fatigue) * * Can’t run or charge. Halve movement speed. Unconscious / Fainted. Cannot act.
Intelligence (Clarity) * * Must use 1 actions less out of the possible actions during a player’s turn (player’s choice). Can’t Full round action. Cannot concentrate. Can act only as a response to other’s action. Standing confused. Cannot act.
Wisdom (Fright) * * Additional -2 penalties for all actions against source of fear. Cannot act against source of fear. Panicked. Use all actions to increase distance from source of fear.
Charisma (Compulsion) * * Additional +2 bonus for specific action chosen by charm source. Additional -2 penalties for all actions that contradict the suggestion of the charm source. Dominated. Actions decided by controller.

Each column gives the following modifier for active actions (ability check, skill check, attack, etc.), but does not change defensive rolls such as Saving throws (to avoid the spiral as mentioned above):
Bonus: +2
Minor-Penalty: -1
Penalty: -2
Major-Penalty: -5
K/O: -10

Major-Penalty end at the end of encounter.
Penalty and former penalties end after a full night’s rest.
Magical healing comes into effect when applied.

When you use an action that is dependent on certain ability you roll d20+ability bonus+condition on ability+others.
When you save against action with a certain ability you use ability score+ other bonuses.


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