Martial characters have the ability to use stances – they choose a stance and use only one as active each time (or maybe that’s the standart and they can do more then one…).
Rogues are martial classes. Maybe they could be a martial-based archtype with style feat of backstabbing/sneak_attack/extra_damage…

some stuff don’t grant cumulative penalties and cap at certain threshold.
magic item bouns is the highest used. (so a shield +2 and helmet +1 gives +2)
should condition disappear after fight? after rest? after specific heal?

Problems with other systems:

Your level of Hp should affect your combat/skilluse ability.
Too few options for non-spellcasters.
Too much conditions.


Use more conditions in combat to make it more tactical.
Narrow bonuses and bonus accumulated.
Check out the way starwars saga treated the conditions stacking, maybe create a ladder stack for similar conditions such as thralled-dominated-feared-empowered & crippled-hampered… etc.
To combine the many separated skills onto skill uses in a few fields of expertise.
Revise BAB.

15 minutes work day – what if during the day, the characters gain bonuses that vanish once they rest? powers that are used during downtime? warrior shouts that gives perks for until resting.

try to’s:
Modular as much as possible
Only finger math
No hard yes’s or no’s
No fluff when presenting rules

need to address the actions per character and dynamic combat:
actions available: minor, standard, reactionary(?), full(?),
Using effort as coin – actions cost you points that you need to remove as time passes on
So I say I cast a spell and then I get ten counters and it ticks down and when I ticked all the counters out then the spell materialize.


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