Each spell present a minor manifestation that can be used at will + a once in an encounter use that eliminate further use of the spell.

spells are divided onto few fields schools:

adding buffs, removing buffs, adding debuffs, removing debuffs, summoning living creatures, summoning items, applying damage, removing damage, control (altering battleground).

crossing those fields with each other gives results of spell schools. For example, Necromancy is a great arcanist for adding debuffs and applying damage.

Henceforth they be named; alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon etc.

Choosing a certain caster type will grant either a bonus or a special mechanic (needs to be decided). e.g. Enchanter gain the ability to charm one more figure OR +2 for enchantment spells.


Trying to solve the 15 minute work day – What if we gain bonuses for accomplishments during adventuring. Or minuses for not adventuring (i.e. resting and sleeping)?


e3.75 whispergnome