This is here an assortment of house rules, twixes and 4e-3.5e combinations that are meant for the sake of easing up on gamin’.
The following are meant to simplify the rules-lawering pit holes that some of the 3.5e groups tend to run into.

As long as otherwise written the rules that are used are per the latest Player’s Handbook from WoTC.
Everything mentioned from here on replace everything else.


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((warriors should get use 2 style feats at 3rd lvl))


Skill determine how good you can do things. The more points you invest in one, the better you do that thing. Also, skills are grouped into similar assortments of close related actions so if you have a good ability at one action, a similar one will get a boon.



battle conditions to make fighting more interesting.


Feats grant you new options for using your skills. They are grouped into several different types. Each of those has it’s own rules.

active saves: Instead of making a ton of rolls for enemy attacks – the players roll a d20 for the save (plus the mod.) agains a ‘to hit’ number +20.